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There are so many perks to living in Hong Kong but consistent fresh organic produce isn’t one of them! Finding delicious local fruit and vegetables is difficult at the best of times and who wants to lug loads of groceries home after a hard day’s work?

Now thanks to Eat FRESH you can get a bountiful box full of Mother Nature’s best treats delivered straight to your home or office. It’s the perfect opportunity to kick off a healthy start to your summer and you’ll be supporting local farmers too. Each box contains six kilograms of fruit, vegetables and herbs and will keep you on the health train for five days straight! You’ll also receive a summer-special Detox e-guide that’s packed full of easy detoxing recipes! And you know they’ll be good as Certified Health Coach and Raw Food Chef, Mia Man, designed all of them.

There’s a huge variety of fruit and veggies on offer and the selection changes with each box so you’ll never get bored. It’s a tried and tested service (check out our review here) so you know it’s Sassy approved. Start off your summer the healthy way with Eat FRESH and you’ll be glowing in no time!

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Buy one Sassy coupon for $420 that can be redeemed for one Organic Detox Kit from Eat FRESH valued at HK$648


Fresh local and organic fruit and vegetables delivered straight to your door… what’s not to love!


Email with your Sassy Sale coupon code and delivery address from 12 June 2014 onwards.

The Fine Print

a) The coupon must be used to redeem one Organic Detox Kit from Eat FRESH

b) The Organic Detox Kit includes a 6KG mixed bag of seasonal fruit, veggies and herbs enough for a 5-day detox, one Pure Swell Detox Drink and a Detox e-Guide and free email advice 5 days from the receipt of order

c) Includes free delivery to HK Island. A delivery charge of HK$80 will apply for Discovery Bay, Kowloon and New Territories

d) Eat FRESH delivers to homes twice a week. Please place order:

-Before 1pm Friday of the week prior for a Tuesday delivery
-Before 1pm Tuesday for a Friday delivery
-Delivery is usually between 2-7pm on delivery days

e) The coupon cannot be used in conjunction with other promotions or discounts

f) The coupon is to be valid for three months only

g) The coupon is to be valid from 12 June 2014 to 5 September 2014

h) All coupon sales are final and non-refundable. The coupon is not exchangeable for cash.

i) Please refer to for additional terms & conditions

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