Gourmet Depot HK: 20% off a duo of Plantin ‘Black Truffle Paste’ and ‘White Truffle with Extra Virgin Olive Oil’

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20% off a duo of Plantin ‘Black Truffle Paste’ and ‘White Truffle with Extra Virgin Olive Oil’ from Gourmet Depot HK!

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Would you know a ‘truffle’ if you saw one? You may well be thinking of a certain chocolate treat with a squidgy centre (easily done), but we have a very different sort of truffle in mind. The truffle in question is, according to aficionados, every bit as delicious, if not more so, than the chocolaty one you’re familiar with! Yes really. Often called ‘the diamond of the kitchen’ in the culinary world due to its exquisite taste and extremely-high value, the truffle is a rare, difficult to find and keenly sought-after type of mushroom that grows deep-underground, often hidden in forests. The very best truffles are the black and white varieties found in Europe. Fans of this delicacy use it sparingly to add flavour to a wide variety of meals. Used by credible chefs in fine dining establishments, this coveted item is flown in specially to take pride of place on the most renowned tables around the world.

Now we might not be Michelin-starred chefs, but we do know a thing or two about the finer things in life, especially when it comes to food! We are therefore thrilled to bring you a marvelous offer from Gourmet Depot HK, a food and wine warehouse for connoisseurs, on Plantin Truffle products.

We’ve scored 20% off a duo of Plantin’s ‘Black Truffle Paste’ and ‘White Truffle with Extra Virgin Olive Oil’. This is a great opportunity to try this extravagant ingredient at a bargain price! For those of you who are already truffle enthusiasts, we know you will recognise that this is a steal!

Plantin, established in Provence in 1930, is an ambassador for the famous French truffle and produces a remarkable selection of fresh and preserved truffle products. Read all about their product range here!

Plantin’s ‘Black Truffle Paste’ is unique and incomparable on the market because it’s pure truffle paste. At present, no other brands provide this product. The paste is extremely dense and powerful, allowing you to use 3-4 times less than you would normally need to when using a similar product. Black truffle paste is prominent in Western fine-dining restaurants but also found in top Chinese restaurants within delicious dim sum. It has a long-shelf life and can be used in many different recipes. Their ‘White Truffle with Extra Virgin Olive Oil’ will provide a unique and intense flavor to your many culinary creations. The subtle flavor of the truffle is infused into the oil and the product is very easy to use whilst cooking. Just a few drops of Plantin Truffle Oil are enough to perfume a variety of dishes such as pasta, risotto, salad and even mashed potato.

Hurry Girls, grab our brilliant Sassy Sale while it’s available and you’ll soon be enjoying the finest gourmet-style dining from the comfort of your very own home! Go on, you know you want to!

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One Sassy coupon at $320 that can be redeemed for 120g Plantin ‘Black Truffle Paste’ and 100ml Plantin ‘White Truffle with Extra Virgin Olive Oil’ worth up to $400


Gourmet-style dining in the comfort of your own home? Yes please! With this terrific offer on delicious Plantin truffle products from Gourmet Depot HK we can add a touch of luxury to our culinary creations without breaking the bank!


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