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50% off delicious ‘Sassy Sale Approved’ Secret Ingredient meals

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We are huge fans of Secret Ingredient (check up our full write-up here!) – their meals are ridiculously easy to cook (everything comes pre-prepared with the simplest of instructions and feeds 2 people) and use the best fresh produce to ensure super scrumptious meals every single time!

We’ve snagged you a fantastic 50% off Secret Ingredient meals; check their website and look out for the meals with the special ‘Sassy Sale Approved’ badge to see which ones you can use your discount on.


None of the meals this week take your fancy? Don’t worry, Secret Ingredient switches up their choices regularly, so check back throughout the month to see each week’s new ‘Sassy Approved’ meals.

Since Secret Ingredient uses only the freshest produce, meals do run out… but if your meal isn’t available to deliver on the day, you can always order one in advance for a future date and plan your meals early!

ORDERING NOTE: Your Sassy Sale coupon is valid on Secret Ingredient 24 hours after purchasing!

Time to get cooking girls!

Secret IngredientG/F, 32-34 Tain Ping Shan Street, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong, 2108 4000

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50% off delicious ‘Sassy Sale Approved’ Secret Ingredient meals


Quick and easy restaurant-quality food in the comfort of your own home… and you don’t need ANY domestic goddess skills to cook them either!


Enter the Sassy Sale coupon code at checkout on The coupon code is valid 24 hours after purchasing!


The Fine Print

The coupon is only valid for the ‘Sassy Sale Approved’ meals on offer (two each week).

ORDERING NOTE: Your coupon code will be accepted at check out on 24 hours after purchasing.

Your coupon gets you 50% off ‘Sassy Sale Approved’ meals – so a $275 meal will cost $137.50.

Your coupon does not include delivery of your meals.

It is first come first served; meals are prepared fresh daily and Secret Ingredient cannot assure that your first choice delivery date will be available.

The coupon is not valid for Saturday orders.

The coupon is valid for 1 month.

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