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It’s not very often that you catch a stylish female celeb in the same dress twice. At each glitzy gathering they parade a breathtaking gown especially selected for the occasion – today’s perfect match for their ever-changing style. Wouldn’t it be nice if real life were a little bit more like that…?

Well now it can be! At, Hong Kong’s first online designer dress rental destination, you can rent a chic designer frock for that upcoming party or important function for a super-affordable price. No need to purchase! This means you can totally avoid the usual guilt experienced when splurging on something that will probably spend most of its life hanging forlornly in your closet. Plus, in reality, even if you had money to burn… do you actually have the space to keep all of those party-dresses once they’ve had their solitary outing? is a treasure trove of truly gorgeous designer dresses from Herve Leger, Alexander Wang, Alice + Olivia, Diane Von Furstenberg and many more luxury brands. The dresses are loved by celebs like Fala Chen and Michele Lee, and the ladies at work directly with designers to bring you the very latest pieces fresh off the runway. New frocks from their 2014 collection are arriving on the site as we speak and can be found daily in their ‘What’s New’ section so there are always plenty of bang-on-trend beauties to choose from!

Whilst you might not normally consider shelling out for a designer dress in the first place (as let’s face it ladies we are not all on a Hollywood-style paycheck), at they are available for as little as a tenth of the retail price allowing you to look and feel like a million dollars without spending as much. Prices on the site are for a four-day rental and dresses are dry cleaned after they return to the store so they make their next outing in tip-top condition.

The ordering process is hassle free with courier delivery to your door-step and collection when it is time to return your order. Plus provides an easy exchange and refund service if the size or style you have selected is any less than perfect.

We’ve already raved about the experience (see our review here) and are thrilled to bring you a very special deal where you will receive up to 50% off by purchasing our Sassy coupon, which gives you $600 to spend on The deal is available until Tuesday 22 April, so don’t miss out!

You can purchase two of these little lovelies, benefiting from a massive discount on stunning designer pieces, so what are you waiting for? There are events to attend and beautiful dresses waiting to be chosen. Get ready to shop till you drop (on your sofa) and to shine like a superstar when it comes to party time!

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Buy one Sassy coupon for $300 that can be redeemed for one Gift Voucher worth $600.


We love our labels and adore picking out the perfect designer dress for that special occasion. Now there’s no need to feel guilty about forking out on a fancy new frock for a one-off event. Thanks to we can choose a new one every time we need to dress to impress and it won’t cost the earth!


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• Only valid using a Sassy coupon. Buy one coupon for $300 to redeem one Gift Voucher worth $600

• Each person can purchase 2 coupons maximum

• If the dress being rented exceeds $600, the outstanding amount is payable to directly

• If the dress being rented is under $600, a coupon code to the value of the unspent amount will be emailed directly to the buyer within 48 hours after checkout. This can be used upon your next purchase

• The coupon cannot be used in conjunction with other promotions or discounts

• The coupon is valid for three months only

• The coupon is valid for from 17 April 2014 to 17 July 2014

• All coupon sales are final and non-refundable. The coupon is not exchangeable for cash

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